February 2nd Open Day 2013

Posted by theresa on January 23, 2013

All are welcome to visit High Spa on Day 4 Beef Week, Saturday, February 2nd at any time between 9 am and 6 pm. Light lunch and refreshments will be available.
Inspect and select performance recorded sale bulls and females, be in the draw for a lucky gate prize donated by Merial, and compete for a prize donated by Landmark Ballarat in the “Guess the Weight of the 3 bulls” competition.
There will be females on offer comprising first calving heifers and second calving females. They will be pregnancy tested in calf and due to calve from late February/March and all were ai’d to compliment and improve each female’s off-spring. The result will be an outstanding calf crop for 2013 – ai sires include Texas Bando, Bennet Performer and TC Aberdeen and back-up sires are all top performing High Spa bred bulls.
Performance recorded bulls suited for May/June joining will be conveniently penned for ease of inspection. All relevant performance figures will be available on the day to help breeders make informed decisions about the bulls they are selecting. Brian, Wayne and Kevin Mobbs will be available to assist in the very important decision of buying the right bull for your breeding program and herds.
See our sales pages for links to pedigree and EBV details on sale animals
There will be plenty of take home information available for new and established breeders and a lucky gate prize of Merial cattle drench or product – everyone who walks through the gate is automatically in the draw for this prize.
Another draw card will be a prize donated by Landmark Ballarat in the Guess the Bulls Weight competition. Visitors can enjoy the challenge of guessing the weights of not one, but three bulls that are displayed on the day. It is not an easy challenge, even for those with a good eye for cattle weights.
All at High Spa thank this year’s generous sponsors Merial and Landmark Ballarat and appreciate their assistance in helping to ensure your visit to our open day is both worthwhile and enjoyable. Many thanks also to our other booklet sponsors Allflex and Ultrastock.

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