Spring open day, Sunday August 28th 2016

Posted by theresa on July 22, 2016


Interested visitors are invited to attend our spring open day and sale. 

Gates at our Daylesford venue will be open at 9.30am (to 4 pm)

We at High Spa experienced drought conditions over spring, summer and early autumn of 15/16 followed by a wet, cold winter.  July provided us with some snow.  Snow on farm can be a bleak and bitter affair despite how pretty it looks.  The cattle are cold and need plenty of feed and shelter, and the paddocks turn to slosh as the snow melts.  Hopefully our winter snow photo for 2016 is not a pre cursor to late August weather and that, as is usually the case, August 28th will be milder and more spring-like.  If the weather is a tad inclement there is inside shelter, hot refreshments and lunch available during the day.

This spring we have decided to forgo our usual industry information sessions.  We can re-visit these at future open days when there is some pertinent industry information to present and capable presenters willing to relay that information. 

Instead our focus this spring will be on a super display of working age and yearling bulls, alongside mixed age PTIC cows (some are second calving heifers)

Because of the constant high demand we get for heifer bulls (or multi-purpose bulls) our elite spring yearling bulls selected for 2016 will all be perfect over 1st or 2nd calving heifer herds.  Our spring born (2015) “L” Yearling Bulls Group are now listed on the bull sales pages.  

There will also be available working age bulls that have been out with High Spa herds in 2016 (so we have considered them very highly) All High Spa purchased bulls and females are delivered free within Victoria

We thank Merial (Eclipse and Eprinex) for their ongoing support of our open days, both our Beef Week Open Days in late January, or early February, and our spring open day held on the last Sunday every August.  Merial sponsors a prize for one lucky visitor – to be a winner you need to attend the day, provide your details on a raffle ticket (no cost) and then hope yours is the name drawn at the day’s conclusion.

Brian, Kevin and Theresa will be available to talk to about your cattle requirements on the open day or ring Brian on 0427 482357

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