Posted by theresa on January 8, 2017


Featured on Sunday, January 29th (Day 3 of Beef Week) will be an outstanding selection of January to March/April 2016 born “M” yearling bulls.  We invite you to visit us in Daylesford at any time between 9 am and 6 pm.

We are very excited about our bulls groups that will be on display and available for sale.  The 200 day weights of the yearlings were very impressive and a testament to their pedigrees both on the sire and the dam side.

Among the featured sires of the yearlings are VAR Reserve, Sydgen Trust, Lawson’s Invincible C402 and High Spa Johnson J94 (of Coonamble Elevator) It is interesting to note, but no surprise to us, that Reserve, Trust, Invincible and Elevator were listed in the Angus Australia sire summary 2016 in the list of 50 sires that have had the most progeny in Australia in the last 2 years, a popularity that has come about as a result of proven excellence in their breeding.

From our viewpoint, the description of Sydgen Trust being a “sound and docile” bull are traits that are true, and have been stamped on his High Spa progeny.  Brian and Theresa were fortunate enough to be able to see Trust for themselves at the Origen semen collection centre in Billings USA a couple of years ago and were more than impressed with how well preserved he was for his age and how beautifully quiet and proud he stood.  His progeny have certainly shone at High Spa.

VAR Reserve has jelled particularly well with High Spa dams demonstrating his versatility; producing thick, fast growing bulls that already display heaps of potential.  Also rubbing off on the young bulls is Reserve’s temperament; he is currently in the list of the top 100 Angus sires for docility EBV.

One of the yearling bulls’ sires we are very keen on is our own home grown sire High Spa Johnson J94.  J94 was considered so highly of he was collected before sale to use as an AI sire over High Spa cows he will compliment.  He has done an outstanding job this year producing progeny with excellent growth, style and carcase.  J94’s sire Coonamble Elevator is a trait leader for 200, 400 and 600 day growth and carcase weight and is in the top 1% of the breed for those traits in Australia.

Full pedigree and EBV information will be provided on all bulls on the day to assist you in your selection.  Brian, Wayne or Kevin will be available for further information or guidance if needed.  Details on sale bulls are currently listed in the sales page on this website with links to further pedigree and EBV details.

We extend to all a Happy New Year and welcome you to our property on January 29th.  We would also like to thank our open day sponsors Merial (Eclipse and Eprinex) and Allflex.  Merial will sponsor our usual “Lucky Gate prize” of drench or product to one fortunate open day visitor.

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