Posted by theresa on August 15, 2017

It has been ten years since High Spa’s inaugural Spring Open Day of August 25th, 2007.

100 visitors came along to the inaugural spring event, purchasing performance recorded bulls and females.  In 2008 there was a Victorian Beef Week Spring event and High Spa held another successful spring open day independent of, but during that event.  The Victorian wide Spring Beef Week event was not such an overall success and was abandoned, but High Spa has continued to open its gates during the end of each August to enable clients, prospective clients and interested persons to be able to come along and select out animals for spring herds.

This year’s spring open day and bull sale will take place in Daylesford at High Spa’s open day venue on Sunday August 27th, with visitors or potential buyers welcome to attend at any time between 9.30 am to 4 pm.

Be sure to register as you enter to be in the running for a Lucky Gate Prize proudly sponsored by Merial/ Boehringer Ingelheim (Eclipse and Eprinex)

High Spa were interested to learn of the recent partnership that took place between Boehringer Ingelheim and Merial  and appreciate that the combined strengths of both animal health companies to produce effective, innovative and safe animal products will benefit us as cattle breeders.  We thank them for their ongoing support of our open days, both our Beef Week Open Days in late January, or early February, and our spring open day held on the last Sunday every August.

High Spa also thanks Allflex Australia for their continued and valued “open day” sponsorship.

Free delivery of High Spa purchased animals Victoria wide means that breeders from more traditional spring calving areas can happily visit High Spa on August 27th to select bulls for spring joining.  High Spa regrets that in spring 2017 there are no surplus females to offer.

This year’s focus is on both working age and yearling bulls.  The yearling bulls are an exciting group from top sires.  The working age bulls are fresh out of High Spa herds.  Buying a working age bull at High Spa’s spring open day is a fantastic opportunity to secure one of the excellent, fertile bulls that High Spa thought so highly of they joined all their female herds with them to follow May/June 2017 AI

Bulls will be conveniently penned in the one vicinity for inspection, along with information on each animal displayed. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting with light refreshments available.

High Spa invites you to check out their bulls on offer prior to your visit on their regularly updated website www.highspa.com.au


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