Posted by theresa on December 1, 2017

Cattle breeders, clients and Angus enthusiasts are invited to come along to Daylesford to view High Spa’s comprehensive display of performance recorded working age and yearling bulls on Saturday, February 3rd, Day 6, Beef Week 2018.

Intended visitors are reminded that our Beef Week Day this year is to be on the Saturday and not Sunday (as was deemed by the Beef Week Committee.)

2018 will again offer visitors a big beef week display with ease of cattle inspection and comprehensive information on each animal available.  Brian, Wayne and Kevin will be available to discuss your current requirements for bulls according to where you are situated, your cow herds and end markets.

For 2018 the focus is on high performing bulls from top sires with sale opportunities on the day and free delivery later within Victoria in time for breeders May/June joining.

To have super performing bulls and females for ourselves and for our clients, things like structure, conformation, fertility and temperament are vital considerations with EBV’s a handy tool to assist source animals suited to varying markets.  There will be a number of bulls available ideal for maiden heifer joining providing ease of calving without compromise, along with bigger growth bulls for your established cow herds.

A very handy “Lucky Gate Prize” of animal health product will be drawn at the end of the day for one fortunate visitor.  High Spa thanks Boehringer Ingelheim (Eclipse & Eprinex) for their generous support of our twice yearly open days.  We appreciate the continued and welcome sponsorship of both Boehringer Ingelheim and Allflex, it adds to each High Spa event.

Details on all sale bulls will be listed on High Spa’s regularly updated website approximately 3 weeks prior to the open day on

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