Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (Cohort 8) and High Spa M8

Posted by theresa on January 4, 2019


The mantra at High Spa is that a bull must “look” his figures.

They currently have another elite young bull in The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP), High Spa M8 (a Sydgen Trust son) to assess how he performs with the additional data created from being used in the program.  It has been interesting to note, what Brian and Wayne always considered from his appearance on farm as a yearling and from his raw 200 day weight and high weight ratio for age figure compared to peers, that he is a higher growth and carcase weight bull than his earlier ebv’s indicated.  His recent trending is significantly higher in all growth (than earlier) at 200, 400 and 600 days, carcase weight and Angus Selection $ Breeding Values. His birth weight has also moved up closer to the breed average, with the higher growth trend.

From High Spa’s viewpoint, the description of Sydgen Trust being a “sound and docile” bull are traits that are true and have been stamped on his High Spa progeny such as High Spa M8.  Brian and Theresa of High Spa were fortunate enough to be able to see Trust for themselves in 2105 at the Origen semen collection centre in Billings USA.  For a 9 year old bull (at the time) he still looked pretty good! They were more than impressed with how well preserved he was for his age and how beautifully quiet and proud he stood.  His progeny have certainly shone at High Spa.

Of course a bull is only “half” his sire and M8’s dam and female line have also provided him with growth and grunt.  M8 has a younger (2018 born) full brother High Spa are watching with interest to see how he will compare.

There may be one or 2 yearling M8 sons available at the January 2019 open day, along with some super bulls from Hoover Dam, SAV Ten Speed, L T Drifter, Reserve, Trust and some High Spa paddock sires that are throwing male progeny every bit as excellent growing, powerful and stylish as those descended from trendy AI sires.

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