Our People

The strength of High Spa Angus is its people and the knowledge we provide.

Working together as a team, we have a depth of experience and expertise that is focused on assisting our customers to make the right choice, every time.

High Spa Angus is a family owned and run operation.

Stud principals are brothers Brian and Wayne Mobbs. Working alongside are Brian’s son Kevin, wives Theresa & Rose (respectively) and parents Jackson (dec. Oct 2014) and Netta (dec. March 2016.) 

Everyone has specialized roles in the running of the stud, but when the need arises, they are able to pitch in with each other and the combination works effectively. As well as the cattle and farm we all have in common a passion for the Essendon Bombers so the AFL footy fixture is an essential component of our work rosters!

Read more about the stud and its day to day operations and its beginnings by clicking the links below:

High Spa Angus are Essendon Bomber's supporter's

High Spa Angus are Essendon Bomber's supporter's