Annual Open Days


Our next Open Day will be held on DAY 2 of Beef Week, Sunday, January 27th 2019

Brief History

High Spa has a well established twice yearly open day – during Stock & Land Beef Week in late January or early in February and a Spring Open Day in late August to help cater for spring calving herds. High Spa thanks Merial and Allflex for their valued ongoing support and sponsorship of these open days, all other sponsors who have participated on different years and the companies and individuals who provide industry information to visitors.

Early in each year during Stock & Land Beef Week people can view our animals with private sales opportunities (as well as at our spring open day and all year around by appointment.) Large numbers of bulls and females are conveniently penned in the one vicinity for inspection, along with information on each animal displayed. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting with light refreshments available and surrounds of other informative industry displays. At High Spa we put in a supreme effort to make sure your visit is enjoyable and worthwhile.

Our annual Beef Week field Day debut in 1998 drew a crowd of 200 and that number has been pretty much maintained or improved upon each year depending on seasonal markets and conditions.  The spring event also sees good numbers regardless of High Spa’s immediate area being predominantly autumn calving.  Free delivery of High Spa purchased animals Victoria wide means that breeders from more traditional spring calving areas can happily visit High Spa to select spring calving females and bulls for spring joining.

Some Recent Open Day News Archive summaries

August 27th 2017

Sunday August 27th was the first winters day in 2017 that Daylesford saw true snow flurries.  Visitors from other areas expressed delight however we at High Spa were happy enough not to see the flakes settle – it was chilly enough!…………..

January 31st 2015

….One heifer, a TC Aberdeen daughter, decided to become her own feature and began her calving process in front of visitors to the stud.  She was taken to her own pen under a shady tree where she put on her 1st ever calving show for the budding young farmers present with their parents….

February turns up the heat for High Spa Beef Week Open Day 2014
February 2nd, Day 6 Beef Week, was one of our hottest open days on record, with scorching forty degrees plus temperatures but fortunately not accompanied by dangerous northerly winds. Cattle health was our priority in such severe temperatures with the bulls and females on display getting a regular cooling hose down – and some of the visitors quite happy to join in….

Spring open day August 25th ‘13 – with a wintry feel
….It was pleasing to see high interest in our 1st calving heifers and mixed age cows with some visitors also selecting out bulls (or bulls of consideration) for joining later in the year. It was also pleasing to see those who were genuinely keen to attend the complimentary informative industry sessions for all interested farmers and cattle breeders.

Spring Open Day Aug 26th 2012
High Spa extends a thank you to the visitors who braved the chill at their recent open day and congratulates all the purchasers of bulls, PTIC heifers and cows.
A big thank you to our lone presenter Michael Pointer who gave an optimistic forecast on the future of our industry with his topic “Global Beef Review – Overview of the world’s beef industry”.

January 30th, 2011

High Spa welcomed many new and familiar faces to their Beef Week Open Day on January 30th, 2011.  A very hot late January day didn’t deter visitors from attending to select new bulls and snap up all available sale females.

August 29th, 2010

“Trends in the Industry 2011/12″ was just one of the topics at the Farmers free information sessions from 10.45 am at High Spa’s Spring Open Day August 29th, 2010.  Visitors, including many new faces, were welcomed to the High Spa stud with a good display of PTIC females, excellent young bulls and informative sessions on some of the latest developments in the industry. Second and third calving females were highly sought after.

January 31st, 2010

A forecast hot and windy day saw visitors out early to inspect High Spa bulls and females with good, encouraging demand for both. Industry information sessions were also keenly attended. Highlights were the outstanding groups of performance recorded bulls and PTIC females available for sale. Information sessions for visitors commenced at 10.45 am and pregnancy testing information was available all day from UltraStock.

August 30th, 2009

A freezing “end of winter” day didn’t put off breeders and interested people coming to High Spa to inspect a display of performance recorded Angus cattle and glean some information from the many and varied information sessions on offer.

February 1st 2009

Plenty of visitors attended High Spa’s Open Day on February 1st 2009 in spite of the hot weather. 15 bulls and a good number of PTIC females will be going to new homes after High Spa’s open day on February 1st during Stock & Land Beef Week.  It was re-assuring to see breeders out and about and selecting quality animals to maintain their herds.

August 24th 2008

High Spa held a successful spring open day on Sunday, August 24th 2008, independent (but during) Victorian Beef Week. We made this bold move to enable more of our clients, prospective clients and interested persons to be able to come along and participate.

August 25th, 2007

High Spa held their first Spring Open Day on Saturday August 25th.   A good number of performance recorded bulls and spring calving females, cows and heifers, were purchased by some of the 100 visitors to the inaugural spring event.