Calf born Feb 8th '15 from High Spa "J" heifer, on Ron Cosgrove's farm, Smeaton

February 2015.  A picture says a thousand words.  Thanks Ron for the lovely “mothering” and new born photo.  
Ron tells us J124 is a good, protective Mum and her calf, we know, will be well looked after by both mother and farmer.
Producing seedstock is a serious business. It requires a clearly articulated breeding objective, close alignment with commercial clients and strong market orientation. The breeding program must be relevant to the commercial industry with a commercial style of cattle. It requires keeping updated or ahead of industry changes and technology.

In both 2000 and 2002 we opened our business to a team of commercial cattle producers for them to assess how satisfactory we were as suppliers of genetics (the judging criteria of the BIA Seedstock producer of the Year Competition)

In both years we achieved Certificates of Excellence and some of the judge’s comments were that High Spa “demonstrated forward thinking in addressing issues such as birth weight and feed efficiency. They are developing strategies as a part of their breeding objectives to counter potential higher birth weight issues, while maintaining growth in their seedstock. Their enthusiasm and the high level of involvement in educational activities for both self-development and for the benefit of their clients are evident.”

Our satisfaction as a producer is to maintain our list of satisfied and repeat customers and to enjoy their success. We appreciate the spontaneous comments from happy clients as what we do is aimed at them:

“Hello Brian, just an update on the extremely quiet and kind natured little Z15 bull we purchased from you in 2005. I requested a young bull to put over some maiden Angus Friesian heifers. He was introduced to 21 on 22/11/05 the first calf was born on 31/8/06. 1 heifer was barren, of the 20 calves there are 12 bulls and 8 heifers. 1 calf was pulled. We could not be happier with him.

Regards, Bruce Jones

P.S. 19 calved in first 3 weeks last one 3 days later. ”

- Bruce Jones, Strathfieldsaye

“Y56 is doing very well but is a terrible sook, likes to be hand fed and have a nose scratch, he has a wonderful temperament, Albie”

- Albie Gurkin, Berringa

“I have been working very closely with the Mobbs family to keep my requirements for CAAB to 100 per cent CAAB compliance. CAAB is all about value adding to your beef. When you get the results back from the feedlot you can see where you are going right and where you can improve your product. With this feedback we can select bulls that will be herd improvers, taking the guesswork out of the equation. With the help of Brian and Wayne Mobbs we look for bulls with good 200, 400 and 600 day growth rates and temperament. I attribute much of my success to the High Spa Angus Stud at Daylesford”

- Bill Janetzki, multi major winner Suncorp CAAB Quality Awards

“Bull has settled in really well. I thought the last bull was very quiet but this one is even better. I had the cattle in the yards the other day and he was so easy to handle. He is like it in the paddock as well.

I always choose my Bulls on temperament and good traits. The High Spa bulls are very quiet to handle and have had 100% pregnancy rate this season. Considering we are in one of the worst droughts, this is excellent.

The information supplied with each bull has been very accurate and an excellent depiction of the bulls functions in the herds and excellent market results.  The previous bull was wonderful over the heifers as predicted and now it is exciting just waiting to see the new calves from the new bull. Cheers Anne Wilson”

- Anne Wilson, Myrniong