Our People

Wayne, Brian & Kevin Mobbs of High Spa


ABOVE: Wayne, Brian & Kevin Mobbs of High Spa Angus Stud

Brian Mobbs

Brian is very aware of what cattle are suited to what market, how genes, pedigrees and EBV’s will influence breeding decisions and outcomes. As well as hands-on involvement with the stud, Brian plays an active role in the wider Angus industry focussed upon effective administration for the benefit of the Angus breed and Australia’s beef industry future. His experience in a wide diversity of roles, past and present includes:

  • 1998 – 2006, Director of Angus Australia and Chairman of the Angus Youth Steering Committee for some of those years.
  • 3 years Executive Director, Angus Australia
  • Victorian State Committee member from 1996 – 2006 in which time he spent 2 years as Vice Chairman and 2 years as Chairman.
  • Director, Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB™) – retired in 2013.
  • Chairman of CAAB™ in 2005
  • Chairman, The CAAB™ Quality Awards – several years
  • Central Victorian Angus Region Treasurer, 16 years, retired in 2014
  • Chairman, the Australian Beef Industry Foundation (ABIF), term since inception to May 2007 – awarded life membership to ABIF in 2013
  • Genetic Improvement Group – Brian’s ongoing commitment to the welfare of the Angus industry keeps him abreast of industry developments.

Wayne Mobbs

Wayne is our expert in many practical and business areas including being responsible for cattle records, transfers and registrations.  He has been instrumental in liaising with the Saltbush Software Herdmaster programmers to assist them to develop a more user friendly program for stud and commercial use (ongoing). Wayne is our cattle AI technician and achieves excellent conception rates for autumn and Spring AI joining of both heifers and cows. He has a sound and practical knowledge of harvesting silage and hay crops and of maintaining the machinery used for harvest. Like Brian he can assist in knowledgeable selection of breeding animals suited to your end market. Wayne is also an excellent golfer in his “spare” time.

Kevin Mobbs

Kevin is one of the younger faces at High Spa. He is multi-skilled (a boiler maker by trade) enabling him to turn his hands to many practical on-farm requirements – fencing, machinery use and maintenance, welding and construction including the manufacture of cattle trailers and the portable cattle yards High Spa uses for field days. Kevin is experienced in all aspects of farming and cattle handling relevant to the ongoing success of our business. He can also assist in the selection of suitable animals for your breeding program with a sound understanding of cattle structure, EBV’s and pedigrees.

Theresa Mobbs

Theresa tends to the studs ongoing advertising, LPA & NLIS requirements. As a service to its clients High Spa transfers animals on the NLIS database on your behalf. In addition, she also helps with the stud’s accounts, information collation for field days and sales, animal records, client records, website information updates and assists with field day and seminar catering and organizing. Theresa has been Secretary of the Central Victorian Angus Region for sixteen years until 2014

Rose Mobbs
Rose is well versed in business and bookkeeping and leads the push to keep us updated in this regard with modern accounting methods and MYOB. Regular duties include assistance with field day and seminar catering and organizing, and ongoing assistance with Wayne in his various administrative roles. Part of this also entails handling the local sporting sponsorships and advertising. Like Wayne, Rose is also an excellent golfer in her spare time.

Shannon Mobbs

Shannon is the youngest member of our team. He completed his apprenticeship on farm. He now helps out with all the required duties of farm and stud and is becoming proficient in all he is required to undertake.