High Spa recognizes that protecting and improving our natural environment is an essential component of breeding livestock and is vital for the long term sustainability of the industry and the land. It depends upon using methods, systems and materials that won’t deplete resources or harm natural cycles.

As world-wide suppliers of red meat, it is essential for Australian beef producers to use environmentally sustainable production practices that consider all aspects of natural resource management. Healthy, productive and diverse ecosystems are important to the viability and sustainability of Australian livestock production.

High Spa strives to be progressive when it comes to new technology and operating practices that increase efficiency while protecting the resources surrounding their operations.

The foundation of a thoughtful environmental approach is a sensible soil nutrient management plan. An extensive soil testing program that provides reliable and accurate information for fertilizer application strategies is maintained. Application rates are determined by soil nutrient levels and crop requirements.

High Spa continually looks for ways to reduce methane emissions by breeding cattle that process their food more efficiently and so produce less gas. Special food rations can assist in this endeavour. High Spa became interested in the concept of economical breeding by selecting animals which are more efficient than others. We were one of the very first producers to undertake on farm testing via a unit from Ruddweigh Australia to assist in the development of Group Breedplan EBV’s for Net Feed Efficiency.

Continual improvement of its breeding programs, planting trees and pastures that help look after the soil, the atmosphere and High Spa cattle are all important considerations in the day to day running of the stud.

High Spa practises low stress cattle handling and promote safe and humane treatment of all livestock at all times.

Thoughtful management is a vital component of animal welfare and includes minimising the risks of inducing calves by appropriate sire selection, regular monitoring of feed, water supplies and general animal wellbeing.

At High Spa we genuinely care for livestock, treat them with respect and raise them in a safe and healthy environment.