High Spa Bull (High Spa Bullion son)

Assisting you to select the right heifer or cow bull for your program is our priority.  Our bulls are bred to perform in the paddock and to enable their progeny, in turn, to go on and perform to your expectations.

The below bulls are listed on the Agricultural Business Research Institute – ABRI – under the Angus Group Breedplan endorsed by Angus Australia. Clicking through the “more information” links will take you to an appropriate link to provide animal details on the ABRI website, which will open up in a new web browser window.

There may also be a selection of young bulls not listed from time to time so please feel free to contact us at any time to obtain details or to arrange an on farm inspection. Phone Brian or Wayne (03) 5348 2357

High Spa has taken steps via the Pfizer Star program to ensure their bulls will not introduce reproductive diseases into other herds.  This involves a series of vaccinations and a test to prove there is no persistent infection with Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus.  Other required health monitoring is undertaken regularly as a matter of course.


“M”  Bull group, Feb/March 2016 born

This group of bulls are our very highly considered paddock bulls that covered High Spa herds after May/early June 2017 AI programs. Now fresh from their respective herds they are available to go to new homes and herds



M96 is a high growth, high EMA and wonderfully balanced bull.  His BW EBV we consider too high for 1st calving heifers but he will definitely compliment cow herds.

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HIGH SPA M223    CJMM223       APR

M223 was ranked 4th among his peers, weight ratio for age at 200 day weights.  He will be a super choice for cow herds to provide them with all needed.

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HIGH SPA M229     CJMM229      APR

We love M229’s potential for thumping some growth into herds, he is also a positive fat bull where that is needed.  M229 was ranked 2nd in his peer group weight ratio for age at 200 day weight.

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Inquiries on all the bulls above are welcomed.

At some times of the year our listed sale bulls may also be joining High Spa herds and therefore will be available for sale after the joining periods are completed.