We have semen available for breeders seeking to AI cattle and use some different and outstanding genetics for their herd improvement.


High Spa Edward E3

High Spa Edward E3

2011 AA PROGENY TEST SIRE:  E3 would be an outstanding choice for heifers.   His current calving ease figures, gestation length and birth weight indicate his great strength in this, without compromise at all on growth and carcase.  He is a trait leader for gestation length and calving ease.  Semen is available at $40 per straw.

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High Spa Zonan Z180 (cjmZ180) Angus Young Sire Program Bull 2006

Z180 is a “pleasing to the eye” sire to offer your herd superior growth, EMA and carcase whilst maintaining milk and fertility.  His sire is a High Spa bred bull High Spa XX68 of Booroomooka Tristan who won a Certificate of Excellence for Best Overall Performance by the progeny of a Single Sire to CAAB in the Spring 2006 CAAB Quality Awards.

Other interesting names in Z180’s pedigree include Papa Forte, Lucy’s Boy and Brost Trump.  He was one of the final 8 bulls, initially across the breed, then from a final list of 60 bulls, selected for The Angus Australia Young Sire Program 2006.  A stringent process takes place before selection, an EBV’s review, inspection including structural scores based on the BCSS system, temperament, white markings, muscling, fat scores, maturity pattern/frame score, shoulder set, walking ability, overall sire appeal and information and inspection of his dam (High Spa Bunny T107)

Semen is available at $15 per straw, 20 straws or more $10 a straw.

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High Spa Bullion 6801 (Imp USA)

Bullion was selected by us in 1996 for the outstanding performance and quality of his ancestors in the USA as well as on structural correctness and temperament.  His is a story of both tragedy and triumph – after settling in to his new home in Daylesford,  he and his first calves (with an average birth weight of 35.7 kgs) were among the main attractions at our Beef Week Open day early in 1998.

On February 8th 1998, Bullion was the unfortunate victim of a lightning strike after an electrical storm, a very sad ending for such a magnificent animal.  His progeny however went on to excel, and continue to do so, in both the commercial world and in the show ring.  In 1999 his semen was sold to a South African breeder who came across his photo and was so impressed with his appearance he visited us on farm to view his progeny.  Bullion continues to feature in our herd because of his growth potential, style and structure, feed efficiency and kind nature.  The mark of a truly great sire is in the continued excellence of his progeny.

Limited semen is available at $70 per straw, 20 straws or more $55 a straw.

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